The Odd Spot

Get taken round the world at Odd Spot with cafe meals that are a sensitive blend of international cuisines. There’s one defining feature of an Odd spot meal; it goes well with coffee.

On the regular menu is standard cafe fare: breakfasts, and burgers, toasties and salads for lunch. The real action is on the Specials’ Board where you’ll find traditional dishes transformed into modern cafe meals to suit a multicultural palate. It changes weekly, so it’s no shoe-in you’re favourite will make it.

Specials Board

I wondered if breakfast would ever surprise me again until I ordered Japanese pancakes filled with prawns and bacon. Nothing like a new start to the day

On another visit, the handful of chips to accompany the baguette filled with roast pork and Asian salad, seemed to complete the dish rather than confuse it. For added finesse, it came plated on a wooden bread board.

And I was ready to cheer when a Bibimbap showed up for lunch. Korean traditionalists might have something to say, but the loads of crisp BBQ’ed steak, basmati rice and touch of coriander added a refreshing touch to this popular Asian dish.


European, American and other international flavours also find their way into meals.

“I just make food that I like to eat,” says the owner, Sarah Pope, who spent over five years working as a chef in cosmopolitan London.

Odd Spot

Carefully, the subject of the name is broached. There’s got to be a reason for calling a cafe, Odd.

“Same as the restaurant where I worked in England. That’s where I refined my skills and ideas,” she says.

Some say Newport. Some say Williamstown. The cafe sits right on the border of the two suburbs on the main thoroughfare, Melbourne Road. It can easily be missed hurtling past Newport junction on your way to Willi beach.

While there are tables outside, I recommend you go inside and take in the atmosphere. It feels warm and relaxed, and nothing is ever any trouble. Going by their smiling faces, the staff find the job of creating and serving Odd Spot meals something effortless and fun.

The meals are inspiring. Coffees are tip-top. You’ll be reminded that eating breakfast or lunch isn’t a chore, but there’s another reason for punching Odd Spot’s address into your navigation system.

The sweets are baked in-house. Some time ago, I had the walnut laden chocolate brownie that came with chocolate sauce oozing all over it and still remember how the first mouthful tasted.

It is odd – cafe food isn’t meant to be this good.


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