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No trip to the west coast of the United States is complete without a drive down the coastal road south of Santa Cruz. Eventually you’ll see signs for Pismo Beach, and whatever else you do don’t just drive past.

Pismo Beach has been one of my favorite haunts ever since my parents pulled into a motel there late one night when I was about 12.  The surf is great, the people are friendly, and since 1989 the Splash Cafe has been serving up some of the best cafe food you have had the pleasure of eating.

Whenever I happen to visit this small little cafe I always seem to find a line out the door and around the side. This is the first sign that shows you good it is. After jumping in the line you will often hear all of the regulars talking about how they come here a couple of times a week,  in addition to out of towners that were told a 50 mile drive to Splash is well worth it and have come to try it for themselves. Either way, no matter how long you wait, after tasting their chowder you will gladly wait in line the next time you come.

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Now while they have a lot to order, if it is your first time, you really need to get the clam chowder bread bowl. I mean if they sell over 30,000 gallons a year nationwide they must be on to something, right?

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I prefer mine to have the seafood topping which is around a dollar extra I believe, and adds a combination of crab and shrimp to the top of an already fabulous soup.

Splash Cafe Clam Chowder with Seafood Topping 640x480

Even if that is not your cup of tea, a normal bread bowl will not steer you wrong. When it arrives at your table the bread has been hallowed out and the top has been grilled with a little butter to give you the perfect roll to dip into your bowl. The clam chowder is rich and flavourful and it always fills me up. That doesn’t stop me from trying to eat the bowl as well (I have yet to fully conquer it, but I can get close).

There never seems to be enough seating in this cafe so after filling up on the clam chowder there is usually someone who wants your seat. That is ok though, if you are anything like me you will be sufficiently full and happy from the culinary adventure you just went on, and you will be excited to let someone else experience it as well.

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The exterior of the cafe is also fun as it has a clam running around, looking in the windows, surfing and doing other activities. It is like an unofficial mascot.

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Now San Luis Obispo has a Splash Cafe as well, and it is also great, but for the experience you really need to try the main one in Pismo Beach at least once. I really do hope you like it as much as me, but I have little doubt of that as everyone I know that has gone here has left happy. Leave me a comment if you know of a better clam chowder place or get directions below to go yourself.


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