Mile High Lemon

Once upon a time there was a restaurant in Marshalltown, Iowa, that became legendary for its Lemon Chiffon Pie. So famous was this pie that it was heralded coast-to-coast one evening on Groucho Marx’s network television show, YOU BET YOUR LIFE.   People thronged to Marshalltown to taste this epicurean miracle, and soon Stone’s Restaurant was famous, and so was this pie.

Stone’s remained a family-operated eatery until 2006, when it was briefly closed, then reopened under new management, and then re-closed again. These weren’t the only times in its illustrious history that Stone’s had to endure the indignity of closing up shop.  During World War II, it was briefly closed when Anna Stone, the widow of the founder’s son, felt she couldn’t get high-enough quality ingredients to keep it operating during rationing in 1945.

As it happens, Duncan Hines wrote to Anna, encouraging her to continue. She reopened in April 1946, and Hines continued to enjoy the Mile High lemon chiffon pie.

The recipe that made Marshalltown famous is now available, and I urge my readers to give this a try. Stone’s might be gone, this time forever, but the pie that won the hearts of the world is eternal and might just be found on your dessert menu if you follow the instructions below:


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