COLONIE-Restaurant-21. Colonie (Brooklyn Heights) : Located in the most posh part of the BK this is the embodiment of Brooklyn restaurant renaissance: long and narrow with an open kitchen, exposed wood and ivy covered walls.  The menu is creative and adventurous but  still fills the belly.  Go with Brussel sprouts to start, the hangar steak and donuts to finish things off (although no espresso is the only flaw, french press will suffice) .  Two or more rye Manhattans are required. As is a trip to Floyd, an Irish pub a couple of doors down with an indoor baci ball set-up. $$$$

2. Los Hermanos (Bushwick); Almost a 180 from the above, the only common denominator being the tastiness of the food. Hole in the wall in the borderlands of Bushwick and East Williamsburg. This place moonlights as a tortilla factory, giving it a first rate delivery method for the savory and crispy spicy pork.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find good Mexican food out here, this spot might even top my favorite taqueria in Huntington Beach, Fiestas.  Get the spicy pork quesadilla (more of a monster taco).  Possibly the best feature? Subtle BYOB. $

3. Le P’tit Paris (Park Slope): I’ve only been once and it was for brunch but that was all I needed to park this joint on the list.  Quaint and cozy bistro in the quiet neighborhood by Prospect Park, the little Paris has the charm of the CIty of lights. Like I said, brunch was on the menu when I was there.  Two options: $10 for a meal and unlimited coffee, oj, etc or $16 for the same with bottomless mimosas (the choice is clear).  i had the mushroom and goat cheese ouzing crepe, which was first rate in the savory department.  But it looked like all the brunch dishes could and should be explored.  Coffee was excellent and mimosas were truly bottomless, my champagne flute was an abyss.  $$

4. St Anselm (Williamsburg): Steakhouse in the heart of hipsterdom where all the ingredients are local and organic.  Red lighting, compact spacing and another open kitchen make for bustling atmosphere but prepared to wait—they don’t book resi’s. Plates are served individually, which is conducive for sharing with friends.  The steak was actually very reasonably priced at $15 but everything looked good (I had the veal).  Start with the octopus and go from there…the only requirement is the SIDE of bacon that is available. Thick cut doesn’t do it justice, the word the best describes is probably slab.  Whatever you call it, a steak with a side of bacon is just what no doctor ever ordered. Oh so good.  After (or more likely before because you’ll have to wait to be seated) go the Belgian bar next door, they let you carry your beer over through the back when your table is ready. $$$

angelo-s-of-mulberry5. Angelo’s (Little Italy): I used to frequent this joint as a child on the heels of my parents but I’ve been since and it surpassed the memories.  About as Italian as it gets without trying too hard (a must for any goomba), this is a perfect place for visitors, a date or catching up with an old friend.  Portions are big enough to share (saved money usually goes to booze in my book).  Just make sure you get the hot appetizer, the entree is up to you (I generally go for veal). Skip dessert (and coffee), instead grab a cannoli at Ferrara’s right next door. $$$

Price Guide:

$ (10 or less)

$$ (11-25)

$$$ (26-45)

$$$$ (46 and up)


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