Wright’s Dairy Rite has been serving the community of Staunton, Virginia since 1952. If you’re looking for old-fashioned curb-side service, this is the place for you. Visiting Wright’s has been compared to “visiting Happy Days”. But it’s better than that.

Located on one of Staunton’s main thoroughfares, Wright’s Dairy Rite sits like a 1950’s mirage. One on side of the building is the parking area that makes the restaurant such a dated, but appreciated oddity: the drive-in spaces. Ordering from the speakers located at the driver’s side window, listening to the period music provided from the pavilion speakers, and basically just remaining still and unmoving is a unique experience to be enjoyed. Unlike the common event for those of us who go through the drive-through lanes of fast-food  restaurants, there is no SUV in your rear-view mirror thumping enough bass for two vehicles and that slightly rushed feeling of paying and trying to place your order in the front seat where it won’t spill. No, at Wright’s Dairy Rite, you park, turn your car off, order your meal and then wait quite peacefully for your food and drink to arrive at your car window.

2578933500_f738c3255b_zAfter the novelty of your in-car dining experience has been exhausted, you’re more than welcome to park on the other side of the building and sit in the restaurant. Redone in the 1990’s, it retains the 1950’s flavor, even sporting booth-side telephones from which to contact your waitress. Photographs from the early days of the business as well as menu’s sporting unbelievably inexpensive hamburgers adorn the inside.

2647258543_7569fa314b_z The food at Wright’s Dairy Rite is homey, filling, delicious and economically priced. The menu  is varied and includes choices aside from hamburgers and hotdogs. The drink and dessert menu is full of awfully tempting treats that are, unfortunately for dieters, delicious. And frankly, their onion rings are internationally acclaimed and are always worth a detour from the nearby interstates. I’ll gladly eat oatmeal every morning to order their onion rings without a twinge of guilt two or three times a year.

Twice annually, Wright’s Dairy Rite hosts what they term “Cruise-Ins.” These events take place on the Sundays prior to Memorial Day and Labor Day  from 2 PM to 5 PM, and attract vintage, antique, and classic cars. Some patrons even dress “a la sock hop” for the event. Ah, America! Breakfast of metaphor!

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