O.M.G. They must be kidding… a Nude restaurant, why, why, WHY?

Who got up this morning and thought, what I really crave is a juicy Porterhouse steak in a nude restaurant? Or even two eggs over easy with a side of toast?

Despite the bitter cold weather, (now there’s a problem…) nudists in Sydney, not to mention the rest of the world, are holding “Clothing Optional” dinners a lot more regularly than you might imagine, and some are even going public!

One frequent nude diner, (I wonder where he keeps his loyalty card) a 65 year-old, retired junior high school English teacher, reckons “It’s exciting to be in a restaurant nude.”   Yeah right!

Sandy, another shivering devotee in her mid-40s, says she’s “never felt self-conscious about her body”, and in fact enjoys dining in the nude. Though she draws the line when it comes to partaking in a naked yoga classes. Modesty does have its place. Maybe she’s saving herself for the gravity defying Volley ball games that seem to be obligatory at all the better nudist resorts.

For all you Sydneysiders – and Aussies generally – that fear being outed as the nude diner you know you are, and would rather indulge in the feast on more neutral territory, here is a list of possible destinations. Course some of you may actually live in these places, in which case you’re as close as a call or a cab fare.

Why not make a reservation now?

If New York’s on your list, you might be intrigued to know that about 50 diners – whose motto is “no hot soup” – regularly turn up for Ordover’s monthly meals held at venues round the city, including the Mercantile Grill on Pearl Street and Pete’s Downtown in Brooklyn. They’re served by regular restaurant staff – forced by city laws to keep their clothes on. “We’ve never had a restaurant say no to us, and the waiters think nothing of it,” said Ordover, 46, who works as a Web marketer when he has his clothes on. “If you work in a restaurant in New York City, the chances are you’ve seen a lot more shocking things than a room full of naked diners,” he added.

San Francisco is no stranger to naked people, either.  But when the naked people go into restaurants, that’s where the law steps in, or at least Supervisor Scott Weiner does, who says “if naed people want to go into restaurants, they must cover their “genitals, buttocks” and “anal region.”  I guess hats might be in order.  At any rate there may be a crackdown (excuse the pun)  owing to rising complaints about naked men out-and-about, in general. The key take-away?  If the new nudist law passes, people without clothes who choose to sit on a public seat or enter a restaurant will be fined a lot and possibly taken to jail.

In other nudie news, San Jose police are having trouble with some Vietnamese coffee-shop lady workers that can’t seem to keep their shirts and undergarments on. The topless servers at the Quyen Cafe have been delighting bothering people for at least a few months now.  Although three young ladies who work at the Quyen were sent to court, the owners weren’t cited. But officer Jose Garcia warns “that’s not to say the city won’t take action down the road.”

If you’re Caribbean bound, Eden Bay Resort & Spa is a World-Class Clothing Optional resort in the Dominican Republic, located in Puerto Plata, adjacent to Playa Grande, location of the world-class Robert Trent Jones golf course. Whether you’re looking to party, relax or explore, the Eden Bay Resort & Spa has what you are looking for.

And for all you stay-at-homes, nudity – as you already know is always on the menu, specially if you visit MAMASRECIPES.NET, a site that  was inspired by various nude dining events that often take place at Sky Farm, the oldest US nudist club. The events vary from weekend lunches to pot luck and theme dinners where everybody participates with a dish or two. MAMAS is the place to find these recipes – the gustatory treaures of the most avid and dedicated nude diners in the world. And many more recipes are to be recorded, made, photographed and yes, eaten! Check it out.

And finaly, for a get-away-from-it-all time in Australia, you can’t beat Seclude – a private rainforest retreat located in the Whitsundays close to both Airlie Beach & Proserpine. Indulge, relax, revive and reconnect with your partner in beautiful natural surroundings far from the world while being clothes free naturally. Enjoy a private spa looking out across the valley, watching the sun set and listening to the quiet. Facilities are comprehensive with nothing spared to create a memorable experience. All guests need to bring is a smile.

And if the Whitsundays are too far for you to travel, why not try the River Island Nature Retreat? This gorgeous home-away-from-clothes resort, established over twenty years ago, is nestled on fifteen hundred acres of private, secluded property, located in the Southern Tablelands, along the Wollondilly River, approximately 200 kilometers south of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia.  Families, couples, singles, children… Everyone is welcome at River Island!


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