Tenth Ave Burrito Co. Restaurant – 817 Belmar Plaze, Belmar, New Jersey

The 10th Ave. Burrito Co. started out as a small Monmouth County restaurant in 2003 with one goal in mind: To provide great tasting food while using the freshest ingredients available. Everything at 10th ave Burrito Co. is made from scratch and cooked to order to ensure the freshest, tastiest meal possible.

Since opening, they’ve expanded their menu to soups, salads, quesadillas, & entrees like our popular spicy mac-n-cheese with grilled chorizo sausage or start your day with one of our killer breakfast burritos. 

Try their legendary pork mole platter if you don’t mind eating pig, and if you do, then you can’t go past their adobo chicken wings. They also have an adobo macaroni and cheese…let’s be serious people, this place is a no-brainer.

The place relies heavily on word of mouth recommendations, and the food speaks for itself.  So if you enjoy the tucker, spread the word!

BTW, Delilah’s adobo sauce is made fresh and bottled on site.  AND the restaurant provides Catering for small and large events. Please refer any catering related questions to Brian, the owner. Ah chi wa wa!!!

101 Coffee Shop, East Hollywood

When it comes to places I’ve never been, I have a hard time distinguishing between my cinematic imagination and so-called reality. For instance, I’d always imagined Hollywood as a place beyond time, caught somewhere between the cobalt blue prayers of Raymond Chandler’s eyes and the industrial darkness of David Lynch’s navel. Last time I was in LA, I realized my expectations were slightly out of date, though still reflected in LA’s terminal neon. 

First morning back all I could think of was breakfast. I’d heard of this joint that was more or less famous for being an ulitmate pastiche of a 50s diner,  an exact throwback to those fictional simpler times that were more difficult to live through than they are to remember. On this particular morning the place seemed to be full of actors and wannabe screenwriters desperately banging on their laptops as fabulous leopard print waitresses gave waitressing a whole new lease of life. The 101 Coffee Shop is located at 6145 Franklin Avenue near Vista Del Mar Avenue.  The “101” has been part of the life of  East Hollywood ever since was “the Eastside”.  It was and still is the centre of it all, especially for night owls craving soyrizo and pancakes. And nothing has changed. Somehow this place is a perennial. The food’s okay, but it must be the star alignment or something in the air that keeps it this cool. Always a show, sometimes with real, live celebrities.

Tom’s Restuarant – 2880 Broadway, NYC

Tom’s Restaurant is a family-owned place that has been around since the 1940’s.  It was the inspiration for the song by Suzanne Vega and more recently was immortalised as Monk’s Diner from the hit sitcom, Seinfeld.

Tom’s has been a staple in Morningside Heights taking care of the locals as well as Columbia students.  Drop in some time if you’re in the area and check out their great cheeseburgers and the best milkshakes in New York.



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