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Road Kill Café in Artemas Pennsylvania

Serves Up Home-Style Cooking

I couldn’t really believe I was doing this. I kept thinking, this has to be some sort of joke, bad dream. Yet here I was, driving a twisting, turning Green Ridge Road going to, of all places, the Road Kill Cafe.

Surrounded by the forest and farms of Southern Pennsylvania, I asked myself who would open a restaurant way out here? This can’t be for real. I’m turning around right ahead at that gas station! No more, I’ve had enough. But no sooner had I pulled into the gas station parking lot when I saw the wooden sign hanging on its block building Road Kill Cafe! And I wasn’t the only one that had beenlooking for it – the parking lot was full.

I made my way into the entrance where I found a grocery store with everything from hardware to sporting goods. But my nose and stomach quickly reminded me the real reason I came here, to eat. Home cooking is a way of life at the Road Kill and I can attest to the fact that if you enjoy good home-style food such as hot roast beef sandwiches, BBQ ribs, hearty soup, and homemade pies, look no further. The dining room “picnic” tables and benches are set up family style and the meal is served on paper plates. But the food is good and you get plenty of it.

Barbara Snider, is both the owner and chief cook. She started serving meals to locals and sportsmen alike and the cafe took on a life of its own. The Road Kill Cafe received its name when a few of the regular customers placed a sign on the roof for fun. It stuck. Now patrons can browse the selection of humorous T-shirts and other souvenirs featuring the phrase “You Kill It, We Grill It.” Many folks have discovered the Road Kill including NBC newsman, Tom Brokaw.

The Road Kill Cafe is located near Artemas, PA, about 6 miles off Interstate 68 (exits 68, 64, or 62.) Follow scenic Route 40 to the top of Green Ridge Mountain then turn onto Green Ridge Road. When you see signs that say Artemas and Inglesmith, follow Ingelsmith. About 1 mile to the left is the Cafe. For more information call the Road Kill Cafe at (814) 784-3257.

The RoadKill Cafe in Seligman Arizona

“You Kill It, We Grill It.”

502 W. Hwy. 66

Seligman, AZ 86337

(928) 422-3554

The Roadkill is famous for its charbroiled burgers. What can I say? It’s one of the best eateries you’ll find along Route 66. The menu caters to those looking for a hearty meal to a light salad from their “all you can eat” salad bar.


The Roadkill Cafe, Darwin, NT, Australia.

If you’re looking for a gastronomic experience with a twist, and you happen to find yourself in the Land of Oz, why not hop on over to Darwin’s Mindil Beach where you’ll find the bizarre Roadkill Café. This perhaps isn’t the gourmet experience the average person is used to (or is even looking for) but in recent years it has really taken off with locals and travellers alike.

Food is varied and as one might expect, always fresh – guys drive around looking for those misfortunate animals lying on the roadside. The added bonus is that you can bring your own. If you’ve accidentally hit that poor little possum on your travels, you can bring it to the café to feed yourself or others (if you find this thought unsettling then think of it as charity).

Whether this is a spark of pure genius or utter insanity, well, that’s for you to decide! It might not be for the faint hearted but it surely is an experience that should be had and a visit that should be made! Not to mention there’s the entire Mindil Beach Sunset Market to explore too!

The Roadkill Café can be found as part of the Mindil Beach Sunset Market in Darwin, Australia.

It runs from May to October (dry season) every Thursday and Sunday; afternoon to late evening. (Make sure to double-check

Road Kill Cafe

305 Collier Avenue, Everglades City

941 695 3535

Cake Wrecks from the Roadkill Cafe

The Roadkill Cookbook – Buy it now at


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