Youngblood’s Fried Chicken, in Waco Texas, was just about the best fried chicken in the world. Can’t say the same for the coffee! 


ABOVE: Po’ Monkey’s Juke Joint – see description in “The World’s Best…”

ABOVE AND BELOW: Health Camp – Read all about it in “The World’s Best…”

The first place I ate in San Antonio, Texas. My dad had been transferred to Randolph AFB and we got into town and had breakfest here.


Jet soft drink – beverage of choice, when I was 10. 

ABOVE : The only place that made fried chicken to rival or surpass Youngblood’s. Alas, no longer there!

ABOVE: Famous for its donuts without a hole! Still going strong.

ABOVE: The Elite Cafe on “The Circle” in Waco, Texas. This was where we first stopped upon our arrival in Waco when we moved here in January 1955. We were staying at the motel across the way (The Tam O’Shanter) and used to come here for breakfast. My mother also bought my peanut butter sandwiches here for my school lunch. I hated them!

                                             ABOVE: Soda fountain in Waco, Texas, circa 1955.

                      ABOVE: Diner between Woodstock NY and Kingston NY. Great breakfasts.

       ABOVE: The old Earl Abel’s Restaurant. Best chicken-fried steak  in Texas.


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3 Responses to MEMORIES

  1. Bob Garrett says:

    Hi. I’m doing some work for the Health Camp in Waco Texas. We like the picture on the web of the restaurant and would like to use it on a billboard. Do you know who would be able to give us permission to use it? Bob Garrett.

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